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Aje is the Goddess of wealth in Yoruba Culture. In order to become sustainable, you must learn to value different kinds of assets. Recently I built my own portfolio and saw a 20% increase in one month. I suggest three very different strategies to invest 10% of your monthly savings: A. Rare mintage collectible numismatics b. Stocks using Robinhood, and c. Cryptocurrency. For the purposes of this page, we will focus on precious metals and Robinhood.

a. Silver Savings Account

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Like most people on this earth, I have struggled to make ends meet. A few years ago, I read a book about the secrets of wealth called, “The Richest Man in Babylon”.

This book articulated to me for the first time that the secret to wealth building is saving 10% of your wealth. Now, you can put your money into a traditional savings account and the banks will generously give you 1% interest, but you have to deal with a 7% National Inflation rate which will put you at -6% interest. You can get an IRA, or invest in Wall Street, but those dinosaur systems hardly let the average Joe invest because you have to be “accredited” with a huge net worth.

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Rare Mintage Collectable Coins

After many years of research, I have found a way to save in Silver or Gold. Whatever you choose to save is automatically deducted every month. You get the rare numismatic coins in the mail. I have used this system for one year and can attest that it definitely arrives, and the team I work with is a top-notch peer group of marketing ninjas. That being said, if you sign other people up you will earn, and access wholesale prices! This one third (Combined with Stocks and Crypto) of how I made my own 401k without a boss!

Gold and Silver are the most reliable and historical store of value on the planet. Get access to wholesale pricing, and make affiliate commissions by signing up your friends and family. If this sounds like something you are interested in check out and sign up here:


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c. Cryptocurrencies

Just like your cable went from analog to digital, so will money.

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