How I bootstrapped by own savings fund

Do you have a retirement or pension?  What are you going to do when the bottom falls out?  Bullion has sold out worldwide. Based on over 6 years researching, making, and selling Bitcoin and other crytptos, and my specialized skill as a permaculture systems designer, the time is right to design a better system than a traditional 401k.   The following is an organic (flexible) financial system I am using to escape the collapsing debt-fueled economy. In this financial wonderland, it is even possible to design your own utopia of abundance fueled by a coin named after you. But we have to start more simply, as that is the more advanced portion of my system. To start you merely have to redeem your free stock.  The last FREE one I got was “FORD MOTOR COMPANY”. I am an owner of FORD merely because I hit a link like this: FREE STOCK

Free Stock

I always thought I sucked at math until I realized the Mayans used “organic math” then it made much more sense, and verifies suspicion that High School Geometry was crap. I might have disappointed Pythagoras, but this stuff comes natural.  I have seen experiments where people refuse a $20 bill because it appears to good to be true. I got my first financial job with a bank in 2002 after getting out of the Marines. In the Marines they sold us a 401k type deal. At the end of the day when I cashed it, I realized the power was in the saving, not in the interest (if you look at inflation).  All I’m doing is asking you to trust in saving money every month. You don’t have to start at 10%, but that is the goal. You can save in stocks, precious metals, and crypto. Crypto like Bitcoin, is based on cryptography. This topic is almost “dirty talk” for me.

I have acquired a few assets that allow for me a lot of freedoms most people don’t have, such as traveling to my Earth mountain fortress in Central America for 3-6 Months out of the year. At the age of 41, with multiple children, my family can work from anywhere. We have this laptop lifestyle for a reason, common sense math needs little arithmetic.  Good systems take time and research. This system has helped my family’s sustainability and financial resilience. I have tested over 30 platforms, over years, spent and made thousands in cash, bitcoin, and precious metals. I have done this for others as well. Here is a testimonial from my Godmother who took my financial advice (Bitcoin) 5 years ago, spent $1400, and made $40,000.   She could have made $80k but forgot her coinbase password! 

Recent Testimonial

Though I have designed many systems, this is the first draft of the permaculture design savings system. It is a sustainable savings plan system.  Like many things, you get what you put in. Based on 10 years of experimenting with crypto and over 1 year with Silver, in my opinion, this is a way better deal than what a bank will give you.  A traditional debt bank savings account is such a bad deal, I don’t even use it in my accounts today, there is no point. I just use their checking accounts.  Do this at your own risk.  I am not a financial planner, I am a certified Permaculture Designer. 

“In the United States, a 401 plan is the tax-qualified, defined-contribution pension account defined in subsection 401 of the Internal Revenue Code. Under the plan, retirement savings contributions are provided by an employer, deducted from the employee’s paycheck before taxation..” -Wikipedia

Under my plan, no employer has given me retirement benefits. My accounts are paid from my own fruits and I am taxed by the apps.  The saver saves of his own discipline. Here is what I did. I took the FastTrack but at a minimum, you can use my links to pick up your free stock, and begin saving using Mintbuilder.   I impart this design for a financial resiliency savings plan, and will report my findings and experiment as we progress on my PATREON.  

My System:


Goal: Save 10% Make 10%

-Richest Man in Babylon formula

Phase 1:  Robin Hood

So I first signed up for Robinhood Link and recently downloaded the app again after letting it sit there for over 2 years. I had money in there just sitting, after not putting any energy or cash in and just observing and interacting. I apparently got the sales quota back when it first came out and got my 3rd free stock as you can see below.  I used my affiliate link today (two years later) after getting the download from a little birdie that helped me decide how I will invest my money for the coming months. What you do now counts more than ever. I also like Robinhood, because you can buy some crypto currencies. HINT HINT I will be talking about this in my PATREON.  

To Start I made over $20 without spending a dime, and just sharing my link with hardly any effort.  It just took a little time to make sure it worked. What will happen when I put more effort in like I’m doing with this article? Since I have more time on my hands, why not sharpen our network marketer machetes?

Slowtrack:  Sign up a few people with your free affiliate link and Wait years. 
Fastrack:  Buy more stocks
Where I put my money:  I bought  (PATREON) this month

My Pick

Phase 2:

I split my investments into precious metals also using this platform which is giving away a free coin right now if you move fast enough.   I also use the network affiliate system here so that the system pays for itself. I can teach you how to do that if you use my link and buy a membership bundle.  I recommend the “select few” bundle because the coin pays for the membership. It is the best value if you can afford to save $180 in precious metals. In this case a rare numismatic collectible coin.  

Mintbuilder:  Link

The last page I wrote more on this part:

Savings Kit

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