Triple Whammy: Nascent Iodine, Colloidal Gold, and Silver

Colloidals by Dr. Ben

It is truly amazing what these 3 can do, I get so many requests for more because of how healing they are, so once again – BULK ORDER TIME!

Please read all the way through for pricing & shipping details.  If you go through us instead of Dr. Ben Goins ( an M.S. Biophysicist, B.S. Biochem,  B.S. Medial Dosemitry), you will get a discount.

Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Gold & detox strength Nascent Iodine

Colloidal silver, true food grade (not silver hydrosol like you mostly see at the store) at 10 nm & coated, absorbed in the intestines, unlike silver ions that are water soluble, colloidal silver can pass through fat soluble compartments in the body. It will kill germs in more parts of the body & can kill infection anywhere except the nervous system (that’s where the iodine & gold come in).

Colloidal silver, when tested at 2,000x the normal recommended dose, did NOT disrupt the biodiversity of the gut at all. I use it to kill pathogens in the gut but it also has amazing healing properties, new discoveries all the time. Also, silver is a very effective anti-viral. Parents rush their kids to the doctor over viruses & they’re either sent home or mistakenly given antibiotics. Colloidal silver should be in every family’s medicine cabinet & for years was used as eye drops for newborns in hospitals before they began using the crappy goop!

TRUE Colloidal silver, with over 650 known self-medication uses, is known to kill bacteria, viruses & fungi. This food grade commercial TRUE colloidal silver is safe for both topical & internal use & at 100 PPM, you only need ONE DROP as opposed to an entire dropper full of silver hydrosol. There are 400 drops in a bottle, so it will last a while. This silver will never cause argyria (turning blue).

Only 1 drop a day until homeostasis is reached, kills infection including cancer cells. You can also use orally for cavities, mouth ulcers, abscesses, gum discomfort, in nebulizer for lung infections, as immune support, just ask me, I can give you many more ways to use it including aura cleansing, cleansing crystals & balancing the heart chakra.

Silver 1/2 oz bottle $44

Iodine is a mineral nutrient found in & used in every cell in the body. Important for brain, adrenal & thyroid health. Increases energy, heavy metal detox (chlorine, fluorine, bromine, chloride, fluoride & bromide) & helps thyroid detox other harmful heavy metals. Iodine is good for disease prevention & will decalcify the pineal gland.

When people drink a lot of fluoridated water, they lose the ability to dream. Fluoride & bromide build up & calcify the pineal gland, causing it to stop working in a form of brain damage. The pineal gland, or your 3rd eye, can be opened by Iodine, restoring dreams & enhancing adrenal function.

One would start with one drop on the wrist & work up.
1 drop a day the first week, then 2 drops a day the second week (stay there if male), if female 3 drops a day the 3rd week, 4 drops a day the fourth week (stay there if not pregnant), if pregnant 5 drops a day the 5th week, 6 drops a day the 6th week and stay there.

Women needs 6 drops a day (after working up to it over period of 6 weeks) all the way through pregnancy and till done breast feeding. Once done with breast feeding can go back down to normal woman dose of 4 drops a day.

Always message me for a detailed protocol if you need to, I am happy to help. If you are having detox symptoms when starting Iodine get with me so we can help you work through it.

Iodine 1/2 oz bottle $44

Colloidal Gold has been used for thousands of years for overall health. It is said to help with mood, headaches, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, addictions & arthritic conditions. It can help with mental healing, meditation & increases sensitivity to energy work. Consider it an Awakening. Gold shots were once used in mainstream medicine for rheumatoid arthritis.

Colloidal Gold optimizes the nervous system. At 50 PPM, you use it by the drop, 400 drops in a bottle. Gold is excellent tool for enlightenment & in use with many spiritual modalities & energy work. It is used in treatment of cancers, as liver protector, kills parasites, is anti-oxidant, so an excellent addition to your health regimen. Its use goes back hundreds of thousands of years, its history is fascinating!

Gold 1/2 oz bottle $74

These three have amazing synergy. What one lacks the other picks up.

Add $3 for shipping. Once order gets to me I will ship out, so please allow up to 2 weeks.

1 bottle of each $144

Let me know what you need & how many. I’ll place the order within the next week.    8% Discount Coupon code is: #permatraders.  Please put it in subject line of the email.

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