Aare Oje Egungun Baba John Openeth the Portal

Because I have wasted so much energy for others that did not know how to value my gifts, I have decided to focus on my spiritual gifts.   Since, muggles (non- magical automatons) value fake money the most, How could they value God’s love and strength? That does not mean I believe I am Jesus, I am simply the messenger archtype (Esu), who now proclaims the Christ inside. I read source code from the God of love, using my >5,000 year old organic computer from Orunmila. I now open doorways and pathways, to provide this service to my community.

I have left the Kali Yuga, and being the Babaluwo (Father of Secrets) that I am, I shall now invoke my guardians, for this process of beginning the Golden Age. Ase my cosmic muse Esu Elegba Coyote Loki, Ase Olodumare (God), Orunmila, Ogun, Yemaja, Osun, Oko, Ochosi, Sango, Ela, and my Ori (Crown). Ase Gaia Sophia Oneile Kali. Ase Ancestors, descendants, my teachers Oluwo/Iya Neimark and Fasola Babatunde, and of course ase Aje, Oso, and my children,sister, lovers, Father, and Mother Iyaami Iyanifa Mother. Ase Eons. Ase Babaluaye thank you for my health. Ase Buddha, Krishna, and all the Ascended Masters and Christs. Help me manifest the best work possible with love, joy, wholeness and balance. Ase.  All these emanations and powers that make up the one love in all, I call you into my being. The portal where God resides in my current spaceship, I use to open this one.   Remove all blockages. Now open the marketplace to this work. Open Sesame.

I yearn and am growing my center with the love of the Son, and my trusty Kundalini. Cosmic muse, help me write for others. May I play the best music, and orchestrate medicine ceremonies with plants, tonics, and elixirs I grow with the best soils. May I offer them here, on this new website.   May I connect with spirits of the herbs, plants, mushrooms, and create superfood medicines calling in my freedom of religion and rights to heal myself and others. The results are products of the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of my ancestors DNA, and the source code available in the Akashic records of this planet. This work will be done by the grace of the Tattvas, Elementals, and Oriṣas.  I command them, by my inherited powers.  Ase Ancestors, I love you.

All the powers that compose this matrix, will thenceforth be cooperating as a family. As Father Earth I command the from the lord God of my being, I AM presence: Olodumare. This power of galactic love pours forth from the center of the galaxy known as the Pleroma. This center emanates a mycelium network more resilient than any cockroach could ever be. Resistance is futile.. As I manifest this destiny and point my ship towards the Golden Age, I summon my soul tribe and monad to join me.

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