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Greetings,  and welcome to permatraders.com.   I am Baba John the custodian of this online temple and store for Adbongo Group LLC.  Previously Adbongo Inc, we have done regenerative community development for over 10 years in Texas.  This site is an affiliate website to act as a portal for my projects and store for Adbongo’s sustainable green client clientele and other affiliate products I recommend.  All of our products and services are for the golden age, and regenerate people, planet, and profit.


Permaculture Design Phase 1 Questionaire:   Save money, save water, build soil, and ecosystems, reduce carbon, and grow food!   Get ready for the spring by implementing a compost, rain collection, and foodscape design for your property.   Fill out the information below about your property, goals, and needs, and we will be in touch!  Here is a door hangar we had designed by artist Josh Davies:

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